2015 Year-end Summary

2015 was a tremendous year of blessings for Anchor of Salvation with double the ministry and travel from previous years, Deut:1:11.

January 1-6
Ministry in Israel with Dr. Jonathan Hansen.

January 7-9
TBN Program LAX with Arthur Blessit, Smokey Norval.

January 14-22
San Juan

January 22
Stopover NYC for UN Credentials.

January 23-24
Rio Grande Valley, Bill Glass Ministries.

January 28-February 4
San Juan, Puerto Rico. Meet with Pastor Wanda Rolon and Benny Hinn. Attending also to my beloved mother Eva.

February 9
My mother Eva went to be with the Lord, 94 years young. What a blessing!

February 24-26
NYC UN Meeting Christian Cultural Group, David Padi, Patricia Pantojas.

February 27
TBN Seattle, Danny Nalliah, Bob Keller.

March 13-23
Ministry in Australia. Melbourne, Mildura and Bendigo, Peter Ietto, Todd Hunter and Danny Nalliah. April FGBMF meetings Vancouver and Portland. Home meetings and street ministry.

May 1-3
Bill Glass Ministries, Fresno, California.

May 3
Minister at Glad Tidings, San Juan Bautista, Pastor John Ameleo, Manny Gil. May Ministry at Portland, Vancouver and Olympia. FGBMF, God Mobile and Pastors Maria and Eduardo Ministries, Olympia, Washington.

May 30
Love For Israel Conference, Hank Dobson, Eneida Alvarez.

June 5-10
Abakan, Siberia Pastor Ruslan Belosevich, Eneida Alvarez.

June 8-10
Tuva Krasnych.

June 9-10

June 10
Moscow stopover and Ministry.

June 11-17
Ministry in St. Petersburg, Russia, Pastors Mihael Kotev, Olga Golikova and Alexandre Shilovskaya.

June 17
Stopover Ministry in Frankfurt, Germany.

June 25-27
Ministry in Pleasanton, Burlingame, San Francisco, California Addie Campbell, Bob Keller and Our Family.

July 1-9
Ministry in Vancouver and Portland.

July 9
Ministry in Dubai, Pastor Rahil.

July 10
Ministry in Lahore, Pakistan, Pastor Victor and Anwar Fazal.

July 11-17

July 17-19
Lahore Ministry.

August 6-8
Bend, Oregon trio and Ministry, Bob Keller, Joel and Jahaziel Alvarez.

August 15-17
Ministry in Paso Robles, Revival Center, Pastor Gabe, Addie Campbell.

August 22
Baltimore Meeting with FGBMF leader Jim Priddy.

August 23-24
Media, Pa. Abounding Grace, Pastor Harry Jones.

August 24-27
NYC Ministry UN.

August 28
TBN Program NYC Chris Elia.

August 29

September 1-25
Ministry in Vancouver and Portland.

September 25
Jonathan Cahn Service Beth Israel, Wayne New Jersey, Pastor Ilyas.

September 29
Life TV NYC Pastor Femi.

October 6-8
Cary Palmon River Church.

October 18
Larch Institution, Vancouver. Ron Brandon, Mel Novak and Bob Keller.

October 20-24
NYC UN meetings and home churches, Tina Aquino, Darcy Simpson and David Padi.

November 14-23
Australia Mission. Melbourne, Bendigo, Shepparton and Carrum Downs. Aboriginal churches and ministry with Pastors Josephine Hollway and Todd Hunter Without Walls Bendigo. Host Bannon and Wini Rodriquez.

November 25
Ministry in Amsterdam stopover, 200 tracts distributed and 6 salvations PTL, River Church group.

November 26-December 7
Israel tour with River Church with Oasis of Hope, Tass Saada. Cities visited Jerusalem, Haifa, Jericho, Akka, Tiberius, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv, Masada, Ein Gedi and Qumran. Distributed over 72 pounds of medical supplies thanks to Samaritans Purse and over 2,000 tracts left for local ministries, PTL.

December 8
Ministry stopover NYC, Times Square Church, Adolfo Osso, host.

December 27
Larch Institution, Ron Brandon, Bob Keller and Eneida Alvarez. Seven salvations, PTL.

In this year we saw hundreds plus added to the Kingdom of God. That is the bottom line. Please keep us in prayer and support financially.