Milton Alvarez

Ministering all around the world, God has been working through Milton Alvarez and touching many lives all over the world.

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Help Fund our Mission to Spain (August 2013)

Captain Milton Alvarez and his family are going on the streets to bring blankets, food, sports equipment, and more to help the needy in Spain. We will be participating in Madrid, Segovia and Sevilla and outlying areas. We really appreciate all the help we can get as we strive to help the least.

For donations outside of the USA please use the Donate Button on our website at the top right.

For all USA donations visit our Fundly page.

Thank you for all of your help and support. We appreciate you all!

Australia Missions Trip

I just got back from back to back trips to Australia where we are seeing a great revival commencing and what a joy to be part of this. On this last trip in May, I had the privilege to meet Pastor David Yonggi Cho in person after 27 years of prayer for this encounter. Just shows that God is not in a rush.

Behold, on the way home I got the ultimate surprise via the UN as our ministry was nominated as an NGO with Special Consultative Status, Glory to God! This just show that promotion comes from God, Ps.75:6-7.

We are planning to minister to the Gypsy's this summer in Spain with Eneida and the kids. Please thoughtfully pray and see if you guys can help us with this mission as we want to buy food and personally feed them ourselves. Rom.10:8-10.

Please keep us in prayer as we also are planning to send sports equipment to the youth in Israel. Shalom!


River of Life Conference in Melbourne, Australia - May 2013

Milton meets with David Yonggi Cho

Milton met Darlene Szchech

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Mumbai-Cayman Islands Missions Trip

Our ministry in India was just a powerful and God ordained timeline. We left Portland on November 1st and returned from Mumbai on the 14th. We got to minister and do services in the slums with the added blessing to minister to the street children. One of our connections there was a minister that has rescued over 500 children in 9 years from the child prostitution business. It was so good to minister and pray for these ravaged areas and see hands on the work that he does there. Mumbai needs a lot of prayer and workers to combat this disease.

We got to minister in diverse house churches where we saw healing, deliverance and salvations abound. We also had the privilege to give out thousands of tracts to the local ministries and distribute personally on the streets. So many were


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