All projected trips in God's timing, Jer.1:10

Calendar 2019

January 30-February 5 Mission to Florida. Meetings and ministry to Pastors and leaders in Orlando, Lakeland and Daytona Beach. Pastor Ashok, Bishop Gaines, Stephen Strader, Nancy Wilson CRU and Jack MurftheSurf Sonshine Ministries.

February 13-21 Ministry to Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. Powerful meetings in Kathmandu, Bahktapur with Pastor Bopal, Sumir and Dipak at Emmanuel Church, Bible College, and meeting with Pastor Samuel Karthak, Nepalese Christian Center, 3,000 strong. Many salvations, deliverances and miracles. Tract ministry in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.

March 3-15 Ministry to Israel with group of 13 warriors. Projected missions, April Nepal and Bhutan. May Middle East.

June 22 -30 Conference and Revival, Cali Colombia.

Calendar 2018

January 2-5: San Francisco Mission.

January 9-15: New York City Mission and United Nations presentations.

February 22-March 5: Israel and Jordan Mission. Dr. Matt Brock, ministry in Israel and Syrian Children's camp in Amman Jordan. Stopovers in Istanbul Turkey.

March 19-26: New York City Mission, United Nations and Jordan Embassy. Boston Ministry.

March 31-April 11: Jordan and Israel mission. Medical supplies and clothing to Refugee camps in Jordan, care of Samaritans
Purse, Spanky's consignment, ministry in Israel. Stopover in Frankfurt.

April 24: Ministry Madeleine from Israel.

April 28-30: Ministry Ione, Washington. Prophetic Weekend.

May 15: Congress Woman Vickie Kraft Vancouver.

May 22-26: Amman Jordan Refugee Camps and Hospitals, Dr. Matt Brock.

May 26-29: Jerusalem Tel Aviv Mission.

May 30: Amman, Jordan.

June 7: Graduation Joel Vancouver.

July 4: Ministry PDX Pastor Adalberto Mexico.

July 17: Ministry Istanbul Yazidis Pastors.

July 19-26: Ministry Cairo, Giza.

July 26: Prayer Walk Casablanca, Morocco.

July 27-28: NYC Mission.

August 3: Compassion for Action, Godmobile Clark County Fair.

August 14-20: Boston, NYC, UN Mission.

August 28: Israel, Cairo Mission, Eneida Pastor Tour.

August 29 - Sept 10: Jerusalem Mission With Pastor Eneida, Jerusalem Prayer Tower, meetings with Ravi Kumar, Al Nucciarone and Jan van der Hoeven.

Sept 24 - October 1: Israel Mission with Maasai Warriors Ole Sidai and group of seven from Kenya, Tanzania. Meetings at the Feast of Trumpets, Mt. Zion and Pais Arena with Jan van der Hoeven and Pablo Giacopelli. Prayer and Intercessor at Jerusalem Prayer Tower.

October 22: FGBMFA Vancouver, Chuck Cohen.

October 23: to October 27 NYC Mission with Pastor Eneida. Meetings at UN with Russ and Leslie Murphy, Walter and Geovanna Laskody, Patricia Osso.

October 27: meeting with Keith Davis BGM Portland.

November 2-12: Melbourne Australia Missions. Meetings at Discover Church, Tree of Life, Catch the Fire, C3 Church and Remar. My thanks to my hosts Bannon and Wini, Pastor Steve, Pastor John , Pastor Josephine, Pastor Luis, Pastor Hilda, all in Bendigo, Kelley and Will who really went the extra mile to transport us. Blessings to all that hosted and made this successful in Christ. Two big miracles, protected by angels in Melbourne terrorist attack and Sahara in Bendigo who came to life in the womb ten years ago from a word that God delivered through us in a death situation, PTL.

November 11: Remembrance Day Centenary at Scotch College for WW1 Veterans liberation of Israel, Peter Kentley MC.

November 12: Vancouver Veterans Day Celebrations at Golden Corral and Famous Dave’s with Joel Alvarez, PTL.

December 17-27: Mission to Mumbai India with Pastor Ashok and Regina Karkara, Glorious Gospel Mission. Bringing clothing, Medical supplies, visiting isolated villages, schools, prisons, orphanages and leper colonies.

Calendar 2017

January 11: Speaker at United Nations Cultural Club

January 12: Washington DC POTUS Shield at National Press Club

January 13-14: NYC Mission UN

January 18-22: Mission LA, Tijuana, Mexico

January 27: Istanbul

January 27 - February 2: Tunisia Mission. Ministry to Tunis, Monastir, Sousse, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.

February 2-3: Istanbul churches.

March 21-30: Istanbul-Algiers Mission

April 11-21: Puerto Rico, St. Croix Mission. Cruzan FGBMF speaker at Cruzan Easter Weekend.

June 10th: 6pm God Encounters TV Program Portland

June 12-16: New York City Mission UN and Government Offices

June 19-28: Tanzania Mission to the Maasai, Dar es Salaam and lay overs in EWR, Zurich and Boston.

August 21-30: Dar Salaam, Tanzania

August 30 - September 3: Ministry Dubai

September 30: God Encounter TV Portland, Cheryl Thomas Moderator

October 4: Frankfurt

October 5-8: Dubai Ministry

November 2-10: Israel Mission with Maasai leaders. Israel tour, Jordan River Baptism, Bethlehem, Jericho meeting with CEO Tass Saada,Seeds of Hope, meetings with Diplomatic Corp member, Tel Aviv. Reunion with William van der Hoeven for 2018 feast of Tabernacles, International Christian and Zionist Center. Praise the Lord for the greatest trip to Israel, Gen.12:3.

November 12-December 4: Eneida Puerto Rico Mission

November 25-29: NYC Mission Osso Wedding vows and UN visit

Calendar 2016

January 1: New Year Celebration Embassy Suites PDX Deut. 1:11

January 8-18: New York, Boston Mission

January 13: UN credentials renewed. 1PM speak at Christian Cultural Group. Travel to Boston

January 14: Boston meeting with ministries

January 17-25: Mission and Dental work, Tijuana, Mexico. La Hermosa Churches, Betania Bible Institute, home churches

February 11-16: Boston, Rhode Island Mission, Pastor Luis Hincie, Rabbinical meeting

March 16-30: Australia Mission Melbourne, Bendigo, Mildura. Pastor Josephine Hollway, Without Walls, Bendigo and Aboriginal churches

April 4-6: Salt Lake City

April 7: IP Festival meeting TBN Portland

April 27 - May 9: Boston, Dublin, Belfast, Scotland Revival

May 16-24: Puerto Rico Mission

June: Projected TBN program NYC, UN

July 6-11: Boston Mission

July 11: NYC TBN and Lifezone TV

July 12-13: United Nations

August 11-15 Marriage Conference and Retreat, Sumas, Washington

August 15: Kenya flight, SEA-NBO

August 15-21: Maasai Conference in Narok, Maasai Mara, Kenya. Repentance before Israel for war crimes

August 22-25: Ministry in Nairobi

August 25: Return via Paris, Amsterdam

September 21-24: Salt Lake City

September 25: Farah Saada River Church

October 7-10: Men's Conference and Revival Seattle

October 22: FGBMFA Banquet Portland, Oregon

October 30-November 14: Eneida Alvarez Puerto Rico

November 8-12: New York City

November 18-20: Joan Hunter Ministries River Church

November 20: Funeral Service Lincoln Memorial Portland Oregon

December 3: FGBMFA Auction PDX

December 11- 20: Kenya Tanzania Maasai Mission. Ministry stopovers in Dubai and Amsterdam.

Calendar 2015

January 1-8: Jerusalem,Sderot and Bethlehem

January 14-22: San Juan, Puerto Rico

January 23-24: Rio Grande Valley Institutions, Bill Glass

January 25: Larch Institution Vancouver

January 30 - Feb 2: Puerto Rico

February 24-26: United Nations NYC.

February 27 - March 2: Seattle & Vancouver, WA. Dr. Danny Nalliah TBN WMI River Church and Church of Truth.

March 13-23: Melbourne, Mildura and Bendigo.

April 30 - May 2: BGM Prison Ministry Fresno.

June 3-17: Siberia and Russia

June: Israel (POSTPONED)

July 8-20: Lahore and Karachi Pakistan

August 14-16: Revival Center Paso Robles, California

August 22: FGBMF New Jersey, Philadelphia

August 23: Abounding Grace, Media, PA

August 24-27: UN NYC 60th Anniversary NGO.

August 28: TBN Telethon Program NYC

August 29: Ministry Boston

October 18: Larch Institution Mel Novak

October 19-24: NYC UN Meetings, missions

October 27 - November 4: Pastor Eneida Puerto Rico

November 7-12: Pastor Eneida Hawaii

November 12-23: Melbourne, Australia via Hong Kong

November 27 - December 7: Israel tour.

Calendar 2014

January 7: Clark County Commissioners Meeting. Broadcasted on CCTV

January 13: Speaking at FGBMF Lunch at La Costa Restaurant in Vancouver, Washington

January 24-26: Bill Glass DOC at local institutions in Austin, Texas

March 3-11: San Juan, Puerto Rico

March 13-26: Dubai, Qatar

May 1-4: Fresno, CA at BGM Prison Ministry

May 20-29: At East Coast Mission in Boston, NYC, United Nations

June 11: Chick Tracts with Muntean Family in Rancho Cucamonga. Ministry with Muntean Family,

June 12: Meeting with Dr. Daniel Amen at Amen Clinic Costa Mesa. 6 PM TBN Program "Praise The Lord" with Bishop McClendon. Peter Letta Australia.

July 9-12: Bill Glass WOC, Ontario, Canada.

July 13-19: Eneida in Hawaii

July 27: Larch Mtn. Inst

Aug 2-3: Henry Gruver at River Church

Aug 27- Sept 3: Puerto Rico Mission

Sept 8-13: Iglesia Rebaño Carolina, Iglesia Adoracion, Bayamon. New York-Philadelphia Mission

Sept 13: UN Times Sq. Church, UN Group, Abounding Grace, Media, PA., New York UN and Romanian Embassy Mission

Sept 23-26: Willing to Die Book promotion and UN ministry woman's group

Oct 11-17: World Holy Spirit Conference, Seoul, Korea

Oct 22 - Nov 4: Australia Mission, Bendigo, Mildura and Melbourne

Nov 6-17: Eneida Grottaglie, Italy

Nov 19-24: Puerto Rico FGBMFI Marriage Conference and Iglesia Adoracion Anniversary

Dec 4-6: BGM Jax WOC

Dec 17: 25th Wedding Anniversary

Dec 16-28: Israel

Calendar 2013

January 8: Speaking at the FGBMFA 12 noon at OSF Clackamas, Oregon

January 19: 8AM speaking at Celebrate Recovery, Camas, Washington

Feb 1: TV program with Dr.Hansen, Jack Murphy, Stanwood, Washington

Feb 2-3: Jack Murphy - River Church

Feb 12-19: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Feb 28 - March 11: Melbourne, Bendigo, Australia

March 16 - 20: NYC FGBMF and United Nations

March 18: Prayer Walk in Atlantic City

April 4 - 9: Weekend of Champions with Bill Glass in Tulsa, Oklahoma

April 18 - 27: San Juan, Puerto Rico

May 7 - 21: Bendigo and Melbourne

May 9 - 11: River of Life Conference with Yonggi Cho in Melbourne, Australia. Milton met with Yonggi Cho and Darlene Szchech at this conference

May 22 - 26: NGO Nomination into the UN. Will be speaking at the UN at 1PM

July 5 - 8: Full Gospel Business Men Convention (Dallas, Texas)

July 23 - 30: United Nations NGO accreditation Anchor of Salvation

July 30: Speaking at FGBMFA at OSF, Clackamas, Oregon, USA

August 15 - 30: Spain Mission

Sept 20 - Oct 4: Israel

Oct 31 - Nov 11: Melbourne and Bendigo, Austalia

Calendar 2012

March 30: TBN - New York City

April 5: TV Programs with Dr. Ricardo Reyes - UN presentation

May 10 - 25: Nairobi, Kenya - Meeting with government officials

June 23: Cayman Islands and Cuba

July 13 - 19: Puerto Rico Crusade

July 23: London Olympics and Paris

Aug: Puerto Rico

Oct 17 - 22: Atlanta, Georgia for Bill Glass Weekend of Champions

Nov 1 - 13: Mumbai and Bangalore, India

Calendar 2011

January: Washington,Oregon

Feb: Puerto Rico, NY

March: Florida

April: NY, Philadelphia

May: California, Mexico

June: Russia, Cayman Islands

July: Brazil

Aug: Panama, Brazil, California, Mexico

Sept: India, Florida

Oct: Brazil, Russia, New Orleans

Nov: New York, Africa

Dec: Australia, Isreal

Calendar 2010

January: Haiti, NYC, and India

February: New York City-TBN and United Nations

March:Portland,Oregon- Vancouver

April:Portland, Oregon- Vancouver

May: Philadelphia, Puerto Rico and Saint Croix

June: Seattle, Canada and The River Church

July: The River Church, Leon and Guadalajara, Mexico

August: Jacksonville,Tampa Florida-Doctorate Graduation, Puerto Rico, Tortola, BVI

September: Philadelphia, India, Israel

October: Australia, Spain, Trinidad,

November: McAllen, Texas WOC 4th-7th, St. Petersburg, Russia 11th-24th

December: South America, Israel 14th-28th

Calendar 2009

January: Puerto Rico, Boston and Seattle

February: India

April: Australia

May: Washington

June: Oregon

August: Miami

September: Israel, Egypt

October: New York City

November: Washington, Oregon

December: Home Ministry

Calendar 2008

January: Australia

February: McAllen,Texas

March: Phoenix, Arizona

April: Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Singapore, and Borneo

May: Australia

July: Russia

August: Estonia

September: Local Ministry

October: Trinidad & Tobago

November: New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Orissa, India

December: Melbourne, Australia