All projected trips in God's timing, Jer.1:10

Calendar 2017

January 11: Speaker at United Nations Cultural Club

January 12: Washington DC POTUS Shield at National Press Club

January 13-14: NYC Mission UN

January 18-22: Mission LA, Tijuana, Mexico

January 27: Istanbul

January 27 - February 2: Tunisia Mission. Ministry to Tunis, Monastir, Sousse, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.

February 2-3: Istanbul churches.

March 21-30: Istanbul-Algiers Mission

April 11-21: Puerto Rico, St. Croix Mission. Cruzan FGBMF speaker at Cruzan Easter Weekend.

June 10th: 6pm God Encounters TV Program Portland

June 12-16: New York City Mission UN and Government Offices

June 19-28: Tanzania Mission to the Maasai, Dar es Salaam and lay overs in EWR, Zurich and Boston.

August 21-30: Dar Salaam, Tanzania

Calendar 2016

January 1: New Year Celebration Embassy Suites PDX Deut. 1:11

January 8-18: New York, Boston Mission

January 13: UN credentials renewed. 1PM speak at Christian Cultural Group. Travel to Boston

January 14: Boston meeting with ministries

January 17-25: Mission and Dental work, Tijuana, Mexico. La Hermosa Churches, Betania Bible Institute, home churches

February 11-16: Boston, Rhode Island Mission, Pastor Luis Hincie, Rabbinical meeting

March 16-30: Australia Mission Melbourne, Bendigo, Mildura. Pastor Josephine Hollway, Without Walls, Bendigo and Aboriginal churches

April 4-6: Salt Lake City

April 7: IP Festival meeting TBN Portland

April 27 - May 9: Boston, Dublin, Belfast, Scotland Revival

May 16-24: Puerto Rico Mission

June: Projected TBN program NYC, UN

July 6-11: Boston Mission

July 11: NYC TBN and Lifezone TV

July 12-13: United Nations

August 11-15 Marriage Conference and Retreat, Sumas, Washington

August 15: Kenya flight, SEA-NBO

August 15-21: Maasai Conference in Narok, Maasai Mara, Kenya. Repentance before Israel for war crimes

August 22-25: Ministry in Nairobi

August 25: Return via Paris, Amsterdam

September 21-24: Salt Lake City

September 25: Farah Saada River Church

October 7-10: Men's Conference and Revival Seattle

October 22: FGBMFA Banquet Portland, Oregon

October 30-November 14: Eneida Alvarez Puerto Rico

November 8-12: New York City

November 18-20: Joan Hunter Ministries River Church

November 20: Funeral Service Lincoln Memorial Portland Oregon

December 3: FGBMFA Auction PDX

December 11- 20: Kenya Tanzania Maasai Mission. Ministry stopovers in Dubai and Amsterdam.

Calendar 2015

January 1-8: Jerusalem,Sderot and Bethlehem

January 14-22: San Juan, Puerto Rico

January 23-24: Rio Grande Valley Institutions, Bill Glass

January 25: Larch Institution Vancouver

January 30 - Feb 2: Puerto Rico

February 24-26: United Nations NYC.

February 27 - March 2: Seattle & Vancouver, WA. Dr. Danny Nalliah TBN WMI River Church and Church of Truth.

March 13-23: Melbourne, Mildura and Bendigo.

April 30 - May 2: BGM Prison Ministry Fresno.

June 3-17: Siberia and Russia

June: Israel (POSTPONED)

July 8-20: Lahore and Karachi Pakistan

August 14-16: Revival Center Paso Robles, California

August 22: FGBMF New Jersey, Philadelphia

August 23: Abounding Grace, Media, PA

August 24-27: UN NYC 60th Anniversary NGO.

August 28: TBN Telethon Program NYC

August 29: Ministry Boston

October 18: Larch Institution Mel Novak

October 19-24: NYC UN Meetings, missions

October 27 - November 4: Pastor Eneida Puerto Rico

November 7-12: Pastor Eneida Hawaii

November 12-23: Melbourne, Australia via Hong Kong

November 27 - December 7: Israel tour.

Calendar 2014

January 7: Clark County Commissioners Meeting. Broadcasted on CCTV

January 13: Speaking at FGBMF Lunch at La Costa Restaurant in Vancouver, Washington

January 24-26: Bill Glass DOC at local institutions in Austin, Texas

March 3-11: San Juan, Puerto Rico

March 13-26: Dubai, Qatar

May 1-4: Fresno, CA at BGM Prison Ministry

May 20-29: At East Coast Mission in Boston, NYC, United Nations

June 11: Chick Tracts with Muntean Family in Rancho Cucamonga. Ministry with Muntean Family,

June 12: Meeting with Dr. Daniel Amen at Amen Clinic Costa Mesa. 6 PM TBN Program "Praise The Lord" with Bishop McClendon. Peter Letta Australia.

July 9-12: Bill Glass WOC, Ontario, Canada.

July 13-19: Eneida in Hawaii

July 27: Larch Mtn. Inst

Aug 2-3: Henry Gruver at River Church

Aug 27- Sept 3: Puerto Rico Mission

Sept 8-13: Iglesia Rebaño Carolina, Iglesia Adoracion, Bayamon. New York-Philadelphia Mission

Sept 13: UN Times Sq. Church, UN Group, Abounding Grace, Media, PA., New York UN and Romanian Embassy Mission

Sept 23-26: Willing to Die Book promotion and UN ministry woman's group

Oct 11-17: World Holy Spirit Conference, Seoul, Korea

Oct 22 - Nov 4: Australia Mission, Bendigo, Mildura and Melbourne

Nov 6-17: Eneida Grottaglie, Italy

Nov 19-24: Puerto Rico FGBMFI Marriage Conference and Iglesia Adoracion Anniversary

Dec 4-6: BGM Jax WOC

Dec 17: 25th Wedding Anniversary

Dec 16-28: Israel

Calendar 2013

January 8: Speaking at the FGBMFA 12 noon at OSF Clackamas, Oregon

January 19: 8AM speaking at Celebrate Recovery, Camas, Washington

Feb 1: TV program with Dr.Hansen, Jack Murphy, Stanwood, Washington

Feb 2-3: Jack Murphy - River Church

Feb 12-19: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Feb 28 - March 11: Melbourne, Bendigo, Australia

March 16 - 20: NYC FGBMF and United Nations

March 18: Prayer Walk in Atlantic City

April 4 - 9: Weekend of Champions with Bill Glass in Tulsa, Oklahoma

April 18 - 27: San Juan, Puerto Rico

May 7 - 21: Bendigo and Melbourne

May 9 - 11: River of Life Conference with Yonggi Cho in Melbourne, Australia. Milton met with Yonggi Cho and Darlene Szchech at this conference

May 22 - 26: NGO Nomination into the UN. Will be speaking at the UN at 1PM

July 5 - 8: Full Gospel Business Men Convention (Dallas, Texas)

July 23 - 30: United Nations NGO accreditation Anchor of Salvation

July 30: Speaking at FGBMFA at OSF, Clackamas, Oregon, USA

August 15 - 30: Spain Mission

Sept 20 - Oct 4: Israel

Oct 31 - Nov 11: Melbourne and Bendigo, Austalia

Calendar 2012

March 30: TBN - New York City

April 5: TV Programs with Dr. Ricardo Reyes - UN presentation

May 10 - 25: Nairobi, Kenya - Meeting with government officials

June 23: Cayman Islands and Cuba

July 13 - 19: Puerto Rico Crusade

July 23: London Olympics and Paris

Aug: Puerto Rico

Oct 17 - 22: Atlanta, Georgia for Bill Glass Weekend of Champions

Nov 1 - 13: Mumbai and Bangalore, India

Calendar 2011

January: Washington,Oregon

Feb: Puerto Rico, NY

March: Florida

April: NY, Philadelphia

May: California, Mexico

June: Russia, Cayman Islands

July: Brazil

Aug: Panama, Brazil, California, Mexico

Sept: India, Florida

Oct: Brazil, Russia, New Orleans

Nov: New York, Africa

Dec: Australia, Isreal

Calendar 2010

January: Haiti, NYC, and India

February: New York City-TBN and United Nations

March:Portland,Oregon- Vancouver

April:Portland, Oregon- Vancouver

May: Philadelphia, Puerto Rico and Saint Croix

June: Seattle, Canada and The River Church

July: The River Church, Leon and Guadalajara, Mexico

August: Jacksonville,Tampa Florida-Doctorate Graduation, Puerto Rico, Tortola, BVI

September: Philadelphia, India, Israel

October: Australia, Spain, Trinidad,

November: McAllen, Texas WOC 4th-7th, St. Petersburg, Russia 11th-24th

December: South America, Israel 14th-28th

Calendar 2009

January: Puerto Rico, Boston and Seattle

February: India

April: Australia

May: Washington

June: Oregon

August: Miami

September: Israel, Egypt

October: New York City

November: Washington, Oregon

December: Home Ministry

Calendar 2008

January: Australia

February: McAllen,Texas

March: Phoenix, Arizona

April: Cayman Islands, Malaysia, Singapore, and Borneo

May: Australia

July: Russia

August: Estonia

September: Local Ministry

October: Trinidad & Tobago

November: New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Orissa, India

December: Melbourne, Australia