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If you have any prayer request or invitations to churches you can contact us here:

Anchor of Salvation International Ministries Headquarters
4210 NW Sierra Dr, Camas WA 98607

Office Telephone is (503) 975-4612


Anytime you are in the general vicinity, please stop in and see us. Our address is as seen above. If you have any prayer petitions and want to be prayed for or if you need directions on how to get to the meetings just call us at the telephone number listed here, where we answer 24/7 or receive messages if not at home. We will return your call you as soon as possible. Meetings are on Mondays at 7:00 P.M. and prayer and worship vigils Friday at 9:00 P.M. To God be the Glory!

Local Ministry

In our weekly home meetings, the anointing has been increasing and we’ve been having more deliverances and powerful signs and the wonders following Gods Word. People are being taught every Monday night how to break the power of Satan over their lives and the life's of others. In our Friday night vigils, we wait upon the Lord and soak in His presence until He brings His power and anointing, with words of prophecy, freedom, and a joy unspeakable.

Milton & Eneida would love to come and visit your church or church event! For invitations, please fill out the form below and write the details of your event. Please leave a name, address, telephone and the request.


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