Milton Alvarez

Who is Milton Alvarez?

Milton Alvarez has a heart for the nations, and is recognized as an ordained minister, evangelist, teacher, revivalist etc. He has been characterized as “ radical and full of God’s anointing.” Milton and his wife Eneida have three children at home: Joshua, age 16, Jahaziel, 10, and Joel 7. Joshua teaches and leads worship with anointing, and the younger boys are little soldiers for Jesus.

Milton was gloriously saved in 1986, and from that moment began to preach in the streets, on the beaches and in parks and other public places. He has been able to participate with those in large ministries and learn from them. Later, Milton and his wife Eneida founded Anchor of Salvation World Ministries (1991), later changed to Anchor of Salvation International Ministries, as it is today a non-profit organization. Milton began to minister all around the world plus appearing in television shows, radio programs and in Christian magazines.

The Alvarez moved to the continental U.S. from Puerto Rico in 2002, and currently reside in Vancouver, WA. Milton and Eneida minister in churches, prisons, on the radio and T.V., and through Christian magazines, also in healing and deliverance conferences, as well as through Aglow and Full Gospel Business Men’s meetings here and around the world. Milton and Eneida have been in newspapers and magazines including the FGBMFI voice, have been hosted in Praise the Lord on TBN and the 700 Club television program.

Milton and his wife are available for teaching, conferences, workshops, and seminars in churches and other gatherings, as they walk in the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit, teaching God’s Word. Consider Milton for your conference, speaker in your church, crusade, seminar, or prison ministry, where he will minister with the love and compassion the Lord has given him, to the glory of God.

Milton’s ministry and his wife's is both wonderful and edifying. He also mixes into his teachings every day testimonies and stories about revival and God’s supernatural intervention.

Milton really ministers with the love and compassion God has given him. P.T.L.

Milton's Testimony:

At the age of thirty three I had traveled all over the world. I lived in holland and at the same time I was living in New York. I had a lot of riches and pleasures of the world, but I felt emptiness in my heart. I had gone to many schools to get my license to be a ships pilot and captain.

I decided to end my life of no satisfaction. With this thought, I went to my hotel bedroom in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While I was changing clothes, I turned on the television. A preacher by the name of Nicky Cruz was talking but the strange thing was that it seemed he was talking directly to me. Getting angry, I started to change the channels, but on every one, the same preacher appeared. I then got so scared, I turned the TV off and walked out of the room. When I finally was dressed and leaving my room, the television came back on by itself, with the preacher giving me a final message.

I knew that God was speaking to me. I had never read the Bible, but one scripture from Deuteronomy came to my heart: “Life or death, blessing or curse, you choose.” What an appropriate word for the moment, as I was about to commit suicide.

I then got to my knees and asked God for forgiveness of my sins and for all the wrongs things I had done in my life. I also told Him that if He could change me, I would turn my life over to Him. Immediately I felt as if someone had taken off a huge weight that had been upon me.

That same day, people I knew came up and asked me what had happened to me? I explained to them what God had done in my life and how He had delivered me.