Update from Milton Alvarez - August 2015

This year 2015 has been a banner year for Anchor of Salvation. As of August 2015, we have visited six nations and are working with the least and children as our main focus. Highlights this year has been our work with the aborigines in Australia and street children in Pakistan. We supplied medical equipment to Children's Hospitals and refuges in the Middle East. We are also bringing sports equivalent material and educative reading proponents on our missions. Connecting with our NGO at the United Nations have helped us through many open door opportunities.

For the remaining year we have some exciting projects awaiting as doors are opening to return back to the Middle East. We are also planning trips to Cook Islands, Australia, Dubai and Israel in the latter year.

In late August our NGO has been invited to participate in the 60th Anniversary celebrations at the United Nations. This will propel us to many global contacts as many world leaders will be at this forum participating. Our main focus will be to the education and feeding of the least worldwide in conjunction to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to alleviate suffering and helplessness globally.

Capt. Milton Alvarez, CEO Anchor of Salvation International Ministries.